Boards & Committees

Residents interested in serving on a board or committee should complete the
Volunteer Interest Form
and submit it to the City Clerk

  1. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment are solely responsible for granting permanent variances to properties for perpetuity and also have jurisdiction in relieving restrictions held by the sign ordinance.

  2. Board of Aldermen

    The Board of Aldermen has the right and responsibility to approve all contracts and institute bills for consideration as city ordinances or city laws for the City of Sunset Hills.

  3. Capital Improvement

    The Capital Improvement Committee posts their past and present agendas and minutes online.

  4. Comp Plan Update

    The Comp Plan Update Committee is an ad hoc group that will oversee the update of the City's Comprehensive Use Plan.

  5. Dog Park

    The Dog Park Committee reviews rules & policies of the Kitun Dog Park and report their recommendations to the Parks Board.

  6. Economic Development

    The purpose of this Economic Development Committee is to insure the continued and progressive development of the business districts; to provide a prosperous and attractive place for residents of the city to shop and to maximize the use of the limited commercial property in the city.

  1. Finance

    The Finance Committee are responsible for gathering assessments and needs from the Department Heads and assembling a city budget.

  2. Fitness Advisory

    The Fitness Advisory board reviews new programs & equipment & advises the Parks Board on the status of membership.

  3. Gempp

    The Claire Gempp Memorial Park Commission report and advise to the Parks & Recreation Commission on all items concerning the Claire Gempp Memorial Park located at 9227 Sappington in the City of Sunset Hills.

  4. Historic Commission

    Preservation and Promotion of the heritage that is Sunset Hills.

  5. Parks & Recreation

    The Parks and Recreation Board report and advise to the Board of Alderman on all items concerning the Parks Department.

  6. Planning & Zoning

    This commission has the authority to recommend regulations as to size, value and type of construction of buildings proposed to be erected in the city.

  1. Police Advisory

    The Police Advisory Committee handle issues concerning the Police Department.

  2. Pool Advisory

    The Pool Advisory Commission report and advise to the Parks and Recreation Board on items concerning the pool.

  3. Public Works

    The Public Works Committee has the responsibility to look at issues concerning the Public Works Department and may make recommendations to the Board of Alderman regarding those items.

  4. Special Projects

    The Special Projects Committee is responsible for studying matters as requested by the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen that do not necessarily fall under the responsibility of any of the 3 departments of the city (Public Works, Police, and/or Parks and Recreation).

  5. Swim & Dive

    Search through past and present Swim and Dive Advisory Committee agenda and minutes.

  6. Urban Forestry

    The Urban Forestry Commission is responsible for looking at issues concerning trees with proposed developments and make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission concerning these issues.