West Watson Road

West Watson Rd.


In 2012, the City was successful in obtaining federal funding administered through MoDOT to rehabilitate W. Watson Rd. from S. Lindbergh to Robyn Rd.  The improvements are to include curb & storm water improvements, sidewalks and new asphalt pavement.

Horner & Shifrin of St. Louis was awarded the design of this project in 2013.  They have been working on the design of this project in 2014.

On August 27, 2014, a Public Input Meeting was held at City Hall to garner resident input to a preliminary design of the project.  

Director of Public Works Bryson Baker and Parks Director Gerald Brown met with two different bicycle groups to gather their input.
In November of 2014, the Public Works Committee heard more input on sidewalk concerns between the side streets of Middlewood and Fox Bridge.

Daily Updates
Residents can expect daily updates to this page once construction starts on this project.

  • 7-7-15 - At the July Public Works Committee Meeting, the following notes were made about the project from the meeting, "Mr. Baker stated the 9 month extension requested was received. He stated this extension will allow more time to acquire the property needed for this project and construction is anticipated to begin early spring next year. He stated Mr. Jones is currently working on getting all the documents ready for us to send the offer letters to the 8 residents we are working with including the school district. A member asked if the school district came back with positive feedback after reviewing the plan. Mr. Baker stated yes, we staked it and they have had the stakes out there for over a month.

  • 8-11-15 - At the August Public Works Committee, City personnel reported, "Staff is currently working with Attorney Jones in preparing offer letters with required documentation for affected property owners. The City has been in contact with all property owners. Three properties have agreed to donate their property. The eight other properties will be requesting compensation.  The consultant is continuing work on the final plans."
  • 10-1-15 - The City is still in negotiation with a few properties.  Horner & Shifrin are moving ahead with design work.
  • 11-10-15 - All required properties & easements have been secured.  Plans are for construction work to take place next Spring and Summer for this project.
  • 3-17-16 - MODOT has all the paperwork for this project submitted to them for approval.  It is anticipated that the City will be able to solicit this project to contractors for construction in the next couple of months.
  • 4-5-16 - Final plans have been submitted to MODOT.  MODOT has performed their initial review and returned comments to the consultant.  The consultant will make changes to the plans based on the comments and re-submit to MODOT.
  • 6-2-16 - The City received notice from MODOT to advertise today.  He said this will be at their website for 21 days.  If all goes well, we hope to have this project on the streets for bid sometime in July and work complete by the end of the year.
  • 7-12-16 - Bids were received for the project.  They came in as follows:
 Bid Order  Contractor  Bid Amount
1  Krupp $999,286.00 
2  NB West $1,032,484.68 
3  Spencer $1,067,448.81 
4  Gershenson $1,088,013.97 
5  RV Wagner $1,143,422.40 
6  Lamke $1,181,222.15 
7 Tramar $1,335,779.50
  • 9-6-16 - The Pre-construction meeting was held for this project.  There is a 150 Calendar Day schedule in this project.  A Notice to Proceed is pending better schedule information from Ameren on some utility pole relocation needed.
  • 9-8-16 - City personnel met with Ameren on-site to help coordinate necessary tree removal close to Robyn.  Ameren says they plan to be on-site next week to start with their work in this area.  Project signs were placed to assist in public communication about the project.  Again, as work fires up, you can expect daily updates of what is going on with the project on this web page.
  • 9-28-16 - Work is getting started by Krupp today on the east end by S. Lindbergh.  They are saw cutting to excavate these areas out to form and pour.  Traffic is expected to be tight in this area during this work. The traveling public are asked to extend care and patience as traffic back-ups are expected during the project. 
  • 9-30-16 - Krupp plans to start excavating curb areas on Monday, October 3rd.
  • 10-3-16 - Krupp is on-site and starting excavation of the east end close to S. Lindbergh.  They have a 1-lane automated stoplight working in the area.  Access is tight.  Please follow the instructions of the stoplights and workmen in the area.
  • 10-4-16 - Krupp is on-site continuing curb excavation on the east end of the project and setting concrete curb forms.  They plan to pour the curbing on this north side of the road this week then move down to just past the pool to the Fox Bridge subdivision next week.  This is due to a MODOT change order being predicated to remove and replace the sidewalk along the park so it will conform to ADA regulations.  With administration of this CO, it cannot be accommodated until later so Krupp with mobilize to another part of the project (West of pool to Fox Bridge) until this work is ready for construction on the east end by S. Lindbergh.
  • 10-5-16 - Krupp is on the east end by S. Lindbergh pouring westbound concrete curb in the excavated area today.
  • 10-6-16 - Krupp is on the east end by S. Lindbergh pouring westbound concrete curb in the excavated area today.
  • 10-24-16 - Ameren was noted on the west side of the project by Robyn placing new utility poles.
  • 10-25-16 - Ameren is again on the west end of the project applying hardware to the newly set poles there.  Our Horner & Shifrin Construction Manager reports: "Ameren anticipates that they will complete their relocation work in 3 weeks."
  • 10-26-16 - Ameren was noted on the west side applying hardware to the new poles there before the rain came.
  • 10-27-16 - Ameren was noted on the west side applying hardware to the new poles.  Krupp was also back on-site today pouring sidewalk and driveway approaches between Bradford Woods and Fox Bridge.