Advanced Stretching

Why is this important? Well, every time you do a strength workout, little tears form in your muscles. If you don’t smooth the muscles out with stretches or foam rolling, they could grow unevenly and cause you trouble down the line. Stretching keeps your muscles smooth and close to their original length (long and lean). This helps them grow evenly and increase the range of motion in your joints. Other benefits include better posture, joint stress relief, reduction of stiffness, the correction of muscle imbalance, stress reduction, improved muscle extensibility, and the maintenance of the functional length of all muscles. 

In this advanced stretching class, we will learn the benefits of foam rolling (SMR or selfmyofascial release) and apply them. We will also use balls and straps to take our stretches to an advanced level. In this workshop, we will be working on the mat, standing, and utilizing the chair and blocks for support. We will be barefoot to get the greatest results for our bodies. Register online or call 314.842.7265.

Registration Deadline
November 11th
November 9th
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