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Business License & Other Applications

Below you will find instructions and links to application forms used by the Administration Department. These are in PDF File Format that requires the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This reader is freely available online at Adobe's website . After downloading this free reader software, you can then download the files below, print out the form(s), fill out the form(s) and you're set. You may want to call Lori Stone at 314-849-3400 or you can e-mail her at to get further instructions regarding fee amounts associated with your particular application. After you have this done, you can stop by City Hall and submit your application or mail it with the associated fees.

Business Approval Flow Chart
This is a flow chart to help provide guidance for a new business coming into Sunset Hills in acquiring a License to do business in Sunset Hills.

Business License Application
A Business License is required for all businesses within the City. An application for a business license permit from the City of Sunset Hills is your first step. The City reviews your application for zoning conformance and your application is submitted to the Board of Aldermen for approval. A representative of the business who can answer questions regarding hours of operation and assorted operational details will need to attend the next Board of Aldermen Meeting. The Board of Aldermen will approve or deny business licenses accordingly.

Gross Receipts Form
Retail businesses required to report their gross receipts to the City of Sunset Hills on the same schedule as they report with the State of Missouri.

Liquor License Application
Anyone who sells alcoholic beverages within the City of Sunset Hills is required to have a liquor license from the City. Licenses are good from July 1st thru June 30th of each year. Like Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses are approved by the Board of Aldermen. Again, a representative of the company or group applying for the Liquor License will need to appear at the next scheduled meeting of the Board to answer questions regarding the operation.

Liquor License Renewal Application
At the end of each license year (June 30th), Liquor Licenses need renewal. The Business License Clerk mails out renewal forms and information to current license holders at the beginning of May. All renewals are reviewed by the Board of Aldermen at their June meeting for approval.

St. Louis County Liquor License Application Instructions

St. Louis County Liquor License Application

Temporary Liquor License Application

Home Occupation License
The City now allows certain business activity within homes. This is a 5-step process where:

  1. An application is made to the Administration Department.
  2. The City Inspector will schedule an inspection at the home to verify the requirements are met and limitations are in compliance with the City Code.
  3. The City Inspector reports to the City Engineer who reviews the information for Zoning compliance.
  4. Assuming approval, the application is returned to the Business License Clerk.
  5. The Business License Clerk contacts the applicant with arrangements to acquire the license.

A. Restrictions and limitations:

  • Home occupations shall be permitted as an accessory use to a residential use in any district subject to the requirements of this section.
  • The use of the dwelling for a home occupation shall be incidental and subordinate to its use for residential purposes by its occupants.
  • No alteration of the exterior of the principal residential building shall be which changes the character thereof as a residence, or presents other visible evidence of conduct of the home occupation.
  • The outdoor storage, storage in garages or in unattached buildings, of materials or equipment used in home occupation is prohibited. No storage of toxic or flammable materials used in home occupations is allowed except such as is normally used for purely domestic or household purposes.
  • No equipment shall be utilized that creates a nuisance due to odor, vibration or noise. No electrical interference of fluctuation in line voltage beyond the property line of the lot upon which the home occupation is conducted shall be permitted.
  • No person shall be engaged in a home occupation that creates a hazard to person, property or the environment.
  • No person shall be engaged in such home occupation other than a person occupying such dwelling unit as his/her residence.
  • No generation of parking, traffic, sewerage, or water use beyond that required for normal occupation of the residence shall be allowed. Any vehicle used in the home occupation which has advertising thereon cannot be parked on the street.

B. Permit required: No home occupation shall be conducted until a home occupation permit shall be issued by the director of public works. Such permit shall be issued upon determination by the director that the proposed use complies with all of the requirements hereunder and that the appropriate business license has been issued by the city. The permit shall be issued only to the individual occupying a dwelling as his/her residence. As such, home occupation permits shall not be transferable and shall terminate upon sale or transfer of the property to a new owner.

C. Business license required: No home occupation shall be conducted until a license for the merchant to conduct business is issued by the city clerk, in accordance with Chapter 15 of the Code of Ordinances of the city.

D. Occupations allowed. The following home occupations are allowed by permit provided they do not violate any of the provisions specified herein:

  • Painting, sculpting, crafts or graphic arts;
  • Writing;
  • Computer programming;
  • Dressmaking, sewing or tailoring;
  • Telephone answering;
  • Secretarial services;
  • Home cooking and preserving;
  • Mail order;
  • Office space.

E. Occupations prohibited. The following are prohibited as home occupations:

  • Barber shops and beauty parlors;
  • Animal hospitals;
  • Dance studios;
  • Mortuaries;
  • Nursery schools;
  • Private clubs;
  • Restaurants;
  • Stables;
  • Tourist homes;
  • Automotive repair.

F. Conditional uses. Any proposed home occupation that is neither specifically permitted by paragraph D nor specifically prohibited by paragraph E shall be considered a conditional use and be granted or denied by the board of aldermen after review and evaluation by the planning and zoning commission upon consideration of those standards set forth in this appendix of the Code for conditional use permits.

G. Preexisting prohibitions. Home occupations may be prohibited in any subdivision where they would violate a preexisting subdivision trust indenture.

Temporary Business License Application
The City requires businesse licenses for all business activity within the City Limits. Temporary licenses are required by individuals or groups who operate within the City. This includes one time events and/or door-to-door solicitations. Solicitor permits are $15 per person, per day. All other applications will be reviewed and assessed.  

Garage (Estate) Sale Permits
A Garage Sale Permit is required from the City of Sunset Hills for all Garage Sales (or Estate Sales) within the City. Up to two permits can be issued within a year and they are good for one day. Up to 2 signs are allowed to be posted within the City to advertise the event and sales cannot start before 8am.

Video Game License
Every video game in the City of Sunset Hills requires a license. This does not include vending machines. Licenses cost $50 per year per machine.

Trash Hauler's License
Anyone who provides trash removal service, whether to residential or commercial addresses, are required to have a Trash Hauler's Lincense with the City of Sunset Hills.

Telecommunications License Application
Before the erection of an antenna or other device used to serve communication needs, a license needs to be obtained from the City of Sunset Hills.

City Zoning Map


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