Board of Adjustment


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This board hears and decides appeals alleging error in any decision made by the zoning officer, City Engineer or any other officer designated by the board.  The City Attorney or special counsel shall review all findings of this board prior to the Boards rendition of any decision.  The Board may grant variances to parcels of property which are sub-standard in size when it is felt that the strict application to the regulations governing that property would result in unusual difficulty or hardship upon the owner of the said property. 

The Board of Adjustment are solely responsible for granting permanent variances to properties for perpetuity. These are not suggestions made to the Board of Aldermen like other committees, these are actual decisions regarding these issues. Variances for setbacks and ground coverage can have relief up 35% by this commission. They also have jurisdiction in relieving restrictions held by the sign ordinance. Petitioners have to submit a $125 nonrefundable fee to cover official notification expenses for their request and there is strict criteria regarding any possible granting of a variance that include:

  • If the variance was not granted, the property owner could not make any reasonable use of the property
  • The difficulties must be peculiar to the property
  • The hardship was not a result of the applicant's own action
  • The issuance of a variance will not be detrimental to the public

Variances are complex issues and petitioners are advised to meet with the city Engineer to cover their issues with him before submission for consideration.


This board consist of 5 members, who shall be residents of the City.  The term of office shall be for 5 years.  Three alternate members may be appointed to serve in the absence of or the disqualification of the regular members.  The Board of Adjustment shall elect its own chairperson and shall serve as such for one year. Vacancies are filled for the unexpired term only.  All members serve without compensation. 

Current Members

Bill Weber, Chair: Term Expires 3/10/2025

John Neff: Term Expires 02/11/2025

Mark Naes: Term Expires 01/01/2024

Larry Smith: Term Expires 06/12/2023

John Haasis: Term Expires 11/9/2026

Kurt Krueger, Alternate: Term Expires 07/13/2026

Ronald Hack, Alternate: Term Expires 11/9/2026

John Lieber, Alternate: Term Expires 9/12/2028