Business License Applications

Business License Application

A  business license is required for all businesses who choose to locate within the City. Submitting a business license application  is your first step. The City reviews your application for zoning conformance and your application is submitted to the Board of Aldermen for review. At this time you will also need to apply for an Occupancy Permit through our Public Works Department. Please contact Trish Moore to start your application for Occupancy. Review takes 5-10 business days. If all criteria is met you will be sent an invoice and upon payment your business license will be issued.

If you are a business looking to locate into an existing building in Sunset Hills, you might find this Business Approval Flow Chart (PDF) quite useful.

Temporary Business License Application

The City requires business licenses for all business activity within the city limits. Temporary licenses (PDF) are required for individuals or groups who operate within the city. This includes one-time events and/or door-to-door solicitations and canvassing.
  • Canvassing Permits are $5 per day, per person
  • Soliciting Permits are $15 per day, per person
  • Special Events temporary license $25
All other temporary business licenses will be categorized during the review process. 

Statement of Gross Receipts

Retail businesses are required to report their gross receipts (PDF) to the City of Sunset Hills on an annual basis when prepaying their business license.