Nova Chip


The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department will be applying a Nova Chip to several streets to be determined in 2019. 

Nova Chip is a product the City has used successfully on numerous asphalt pavements, including the Sunset Manor neighborhood, connector routes like Rott Rd., (including the entrance to the rear of Sunset Plaza), Mentz Hill Rd. and other streets throughout the City.

These streets will be done in 2019

Overall map

1) Mentz Hill Acres

Mentz Hill Acres

2) Kennerly Spur

Kennerly Spur

3) Hausfel


4) Parkholm (off Eddie & Park)


5) Wembley Woods

A Nova Chip is a type of asphalt, typically more porous, but has a different application of the bonding agent that is immediately before the placement of the material. You can drive on it almost immediately after rolling it out. You'll note this material used by MoDOT on I-44 and I-270, north of I-44.
Here are some pictures of the process as applied in 2010 to Lombardy Lane in Sunset Hills:

Paving machine spreads the material evenly.

Paving machine

Rolling the material falls right in behind placement by the paver

Rolling the material falls right in behind placement by the paver

Hand work right along side the rolling operation

Hand work right alongside the rolling operation

Finished product is almost immediately ready for traffic

Finished product

Here's video NB West produced about the process

Project Updates

 Order Contractor   Unit Price  Extended
 1 West Contracting  $13.00  $133,549.00
 2  Pace Construction $22.47  $230,855.00

  • 8-13-19 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to NB West.
  • 9-25-19 - NB West reports, "We are still 2-3 weeks out from being able to pave."
  • 10-9-19 - NB West reports that they plan to be on-site October 28th. TJhis works well with the need to perform this work on Mentz Hill Acres with the bridge rehabilitation by Kozeny-Wagner.

  • 10-28-19 - Contractor will commence work.
  • 10-31-19 - Contractor will complete paving work
  • 11-4-19 - Contractor pavement marking contractor will complete restoration of stop bars on Wembley Woods & the Kennerly Spur.