Sunset Hills Salary & Benefits Package


  • Education Pay: Annual payments of $250. for an Associates Degree, $500. for a Bachelors Degree, and $750 for a Masters Degree. These are paid in quarterly increments.
  • PTO: 128 hrs. after 1 year of service, 168 hrs. after 5 years of service, and 208 hrs.  after 15 years of service.
  • Holidays :  Ten holidays.
  • Uniforms Equipment: All uniforms and equipment are provided, cleaning of uniforms is also provided
  • Extended Sick Leave (ESL): ESL is accrued at a rate of (5) days per year beginning with the date of hire (Maximum 1,040 hours)
  • Insurance: Medical, dental, life, and workers compensation insurance is provided to the employee. Family plans are available through payroll deduction. A portion of the family plan is covered by the city
  • Pension Lagers: Pension plan is a noncontributory plan supplied. Vested after 5 years of service
  • Deferred Compensation: Employees may participate in a deferred tax free program for retirement investments. There is also a 125 cafeteria plan that allows employees to pay for medical and child care costs on a pretax basis


Experienced candidates salary would fall between the entry level and the top of pay grade.

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