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  • 3-31-19 - West Watson Road flooded yesterday and was closed from the Andre's Banquet Center Entrance to Highway 30.
  • 4-1-19 - The road closure from yesterday remains in effect.
  • 4-2-19 - The river appears a bit higher than yesterday.  There is virtually no change in City assets affected by today's river stage.
  • 4-3-19 - The river appears to have crested and is about 6" lower than yesterday.  Again, there is virtually no change in the City assets affected by today's river stage.
  • 4-4-19 - There is virtually no change in the City assets affected by today's river stage.
  • 4-5-19 - There is virtually no change in the City assets affected by today's river stage.
  • 4-6-19 - West Watson was opened back up to traffic.

FEMA "Starting Your Recovery" Information

FEMA - Flood Insurance Holders - After the Flood Information

River Stage Information

We will keep this link up on this page so that residents will have a means of quick access to river stage information on the Meramec.  The stages to look for on the Meramec at "Arnold" include:

W. Watson
    • 32.9' will flood W. Watson by the driving range
    • 34.2' will have water back to the hump bridge
    • 47' will have it back to Weber Hill
Old Gravois
For Old Gravois, we do not have anecdotal observation of the Arnold river stages of when it floods.  We do have land contour information in our GIS system that indicates water will cross Old Gravois at about 38.9' at Arnold on the Meramec.  We will continue to watch to try to verify this correlation to help affected residents know about Old Gravois status with regard to high water impact.  This was verified on 11-29-15 (10:00am) on the Meramec @ Arnold with the stage of 39.13'

For all rivers stages within 100 mile radius visit the National Weather Service advanced hydrologic prediction service.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has a live St. Louis Area Radar imagery for you to see what the weather is doing in real time.

Radon Home Testing

St. Louis County Health Information 

​May 2017 Flood Event

  • May 12, 2017 - Public Works is cleaning on West Watson, which remains closed. We hope to have it open to traffic by 3:30pm today.  Missouri American Water has emergency work underway just south of Gary Player Drive.  That is a water line relocation.  Sandbag areas are being final cleaned today.
  • May 11, 2017 - Public Works is cleaning West Watson, which remains closed.
  • May 10, 2017 - Water continues to recede with 32.67' at Arnold read at 6:45am. W. Watson remains closed from Gary Player Drive to Highway 30.  There is a substantial amount of mud & debris the street department is cleaning up from this pavement. We expect the opening of W. Watson later this week.
Flood Closure Points051017
  • May 9, 2017 - Water continues to recede with 35.45' at Arnold read at 7:15am. Old Gravois was opened yesterday afternoon into Fenton.  W. Watson still has water over it and remains closed from Gary Player Drive to Highway 30.  There is a substantial amount of mud & debris the street department will be cleaning up from this pavement. We are hoping for a [possible opening of W. Watson by the end of this week.
  • May 8, 2017 - Water continues to recede with 38.86' at Arnold read at 11:15am. Field observation shows water off the road on Old Gravois.  The street department cleaned up the mud from this surface, but this pavement remains closed as we continue to coordinate with Fenton Public Works for the possible opening of this route.  W. Watson remains under water up to the hump bridge between the two golf courses.  
Flood Closure Points050817
Sand Bag Pick Up Points
The Street Department will pick sand bags up from the list of locations below, each location is marked by a sign designating the spot as a pick up point and with large cones or barricades; 
  • Break Court 
  • Collar Court 
  • Forest Path 
  • On the half cul-de-sac portion of the road in front of 11026 Gravois Industrial. 
It's possible additional locations will be added as the water continues to recede, if that happens we'll provide that information as well. The Street Dept. will pick up until they are gone. 

  • May 5, 2017 - Roads open this morning include Rahning, Weber Hill at W. Watson, I-44, Highway 30, and Highway 21.  Sandbag pickup points in Sunset Hills were announced yesterday.  They are indicated on today's Road Closure map.  This morning, Arnold river stage was 43.24' and continues to recede.  The 'Moderate flooding' level of 35' is now forecast for Tuesday.  The current 7-day weather forecast shows chances of rain next Wednesday and Thursday.
Flood Closure Points050517
  • May 4, 2017 - MODOT only closed southbound I-55 and reopened it overnight.  I-55 remains open this morning.  A map of road closure points in the City of Sunset Hills was created and posted on this page.  Crests are expected to be extended with the rains of today and yesterday.  As the City can open our roads and as MODOT opens their roads in the area, we will attempt to place that information on this page as it becomes available.  This morning, Arnold river stage was 45.1' and crested overnight last night at 45.62'
Flood Closure Points
 Another bump up is predicted over night tonight and really will not start falling until Sunday.  The 'Moderate flooding' level of 35' is not expected until Wednesday afternoon with no further rain.  The current 7-day weather forecast looks good for that time period.
  • May 3, 2017 - MODOT expects to close I-55 this morning with the rising waters.  Upstream, the Meramec crested with the previous rains and I-44 is open west of Rolla.  Field observation this morning has water over the road on Gravois Industrial.  Public Works brought the Old Gravois road closure back to the Chateau Chura/Zachary's Ridge intersection.  The entrance to Fringe, Break, & Collar streets of Tapawingo are now flooded and inaccessible.  The Arnold River stage is 45.05' at 7:30am with a predicted crest before today's rain of 46' tomorrow morning. 
  • May 2, 2017 - MODOT closed Highway 30 between Highway 141 and Rahning in Sunset Hills. They also closed I-44 from I-270 to Highway 100 to all, but local traffic. (Arnold stage 40.4' with the predicted high at 46' on Thursday morning)  Field observation has water across the road at Weber Hill @ W. Watson, Old Gravois @ Rahning, and Gary Player into Tapawingo.  These roads are all closed in Sunset Hills.
  • May 1, 2017 - According to NOAA, Old Gravois is forecast to flood tonight into tomorrow.  (Arnold rivewr stage information @ 9:30am 34.24' with a predicted crest of 46' on Thursday morning) Please no sight seeing of the flooded areas.  The Police Department is monitoring this activity and reacting 24/7. For contact regarding what is posted at this website, please call City Hall at 314-849-3400.  For immediate assistance, call 911 or the Police Department at 314-849-4400. Sandbagging requests have been tended to, but continue to come in.  Here are what we currently have for Sandbagging requests:
    • Tapawingo - We received another call for assistance at 10:49am at Break & Collar.
    • Gravois Industrial - May still be looking for help.  We have not officially heard of this at City Hall. 
    • Forest Path - Received assistance over the weekend. We believe they are currently OK.
    • 12:47pm, we received a call for assistance at 13173 W. Watson.
  • April 30, 2017 - 9:00pm, West Watson Rd. was closed to through traffic. 
  • April 28, 2017 - Forecasts on April 28th indicated little problems until noon.  Forecasts were updated and the Parks prepared their facilities at both Mini-Ha-Ha and the Ball Fields for full flood preparation.