Historical Society

The Sunset Hills Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) entity, was formed in 2004 and shortly thereafter had offices constructed at City Hall adjacent to the Public Works Office. Their first accomplishment was the update of the History Book of Sunset Hills for the 50th Anniversary of the City. This was augmented with the publication of a separate calendar of historic sites in the city as illustrated by Architect and resident, the late Ed Thias. These books are still available for sale at City Hall.

Historic Preservation

This society's primary mission is the historic preservation and storage of artifacts, chronicling of historical information pertinent to the area and identification of pertinent historic sites in the city. 


They have readily become known with several local organizations (such as schools) via numerous presentations and programs targeted to these groups. The Sunset Hills Historic Society also garnered loans of items such as this extremely rare 36-star American Flag (circa 1865) as modeled by the late Joyce Franklin, former Society President (2006-2008). The flag is owned by Bill Hopfinger. The Sunset Hills Historical Society is always interested in hearing from those who might have input or items they would like to loan or donate to the organization.

36 Star American Flag


The Sunset Hills Historical Society meetings typically take place on the fourth Monday of the month in the Sunset Hills City Hall, at 3939 South Lindbergh Blvd., in Sunset Hills. Watch this website for more information, and check your local newspapers.

The Sunset Hills Historical Society is looking to fill the open speaker slots for meetings. If you or anyone you know has an interesting story of historic significance to Sunset Hills, please feel free to contact the Historical Society via email at history@sunset-hills.com or call 408-315-5121 or 314-394-1280.


Sunset Hills, MO – March 16, 2020  --- In the interest of health and safety, the Sunset Hills Historical Society (SHHS) is postponing the program featuring Valerie Battle Kienzle. Originally scheduled for Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7 PM at the Sunset Hills City Hall, it will be rescheduled at a later date.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming programs

  • April 27 - Diane Rademacher
    Author of "Still Shining! - 1904 World’s Fair"

  • May18 - Nick Sacco
    US National Park Service
    US Grant National Historic Site
    Ulysses Grant history in the St. Louis area

  • June 22 - Esley Hamilton
    St. Louis County Historical Preservationist (retired)
    Historic buildings in South County & Sunset Hills.

Archives of the Sunset Hills Historical Society

If you or anyone you know has artifacts, documents, stories, or anything of historic significance, the Society would love to consider them for inclusion in the Sunset Hills archives.