Administration & Clean-up

Involved With the Administration of a Street Project
The city performs most of the inspection, testing, and contract administration of the projects in our street network.  Even the bid packages are prepared in-house unless the design becomes more complicated with the addition of new storm sewers. Storm sewer improvement projects require more coordination with utilities due to the excavation work involved.

After substantial completion of the work in the field, the contractor has to complete paperwork before final payment for the project. This part of the project many times is not completed until the end of the year. The city attempts to assure that proper wages were paid to workmen and that material suppliers were properly paid by the contractor.

Follow-up Work
Over the years, the city found that the best follow-up work is done by our in-house Street Department. Generally speaking, the Street Department takes care of all asphalt driveway patching, backfill, seed and straw placement, and general clean-up work for contracted projects. This is not always true in that if there is a large project with storm sewers, the design firm will typically put this in those projects for the contractor to perform.

Thanks for taking the time to look through what your Public Works Department does with regard to pavement management. As always, please call us at 314-849-3400 if you have any potholes or other such street maintenance issues. While we try to provide the best street pavement possible, you are our best eyes and ears and are key to helping us stay on top of our street maintenance needs.