Recent Projects

Recent Pavement Improvements History
In the 90's, the Pavement Management System was employed by the Public Works Department to help with the selection of projects to implement the "Say Yes" program to improve the quality of the entire city street network. During this time, 4 annexations brought our network of streets from about 33 centerline miles to our current 54 centerline miles of streets. While the "Say Yes" Capital Improvements work was slated for the original contiguous city limits before annexation, a couple of things happened that allowed the city to bring the annexed areas into a similar program of street pavement quality improvement. The Plaza and The Shoppes at Sunset Hills came online with revenue streams and a concerted effort by the elected officials to keep street improvements at the forefront of importance to the Public Works Department. As of this writing, the city completed 1 sweep of the concrete and asphalt streets. We are attempting to get as far as we can with a second sweep of selected concrete street slab replacements and other types of street rehabilitations, but there are a couple of street projects that involve storm water improvements looming and fiscal concerns with the current economy that might keep us from staying on track with this second sweep of street improvements.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Sunset Hills Pavement Management System