The "Nuts & Bolts"

The "Nuts and Bolts" of the Sunset Hills Pavement Management System
Every year, in about January and February, the Assistant City Engineer inspects the entire street network for pavement quality with respect to an objective method developed by the University of Wisconsin titled "Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER).  There are separate evaluations for the pavement surface type, namely asphalt or concrete. The PASER rating is placed into the city's access database along with updates of those streets that were rehabilitated in the previous year through contract work. This information is shipped out to a text file, then linked with the city's GIS system for mapping purposes.

Long Range Plan
The City Engineer evaluates this data to put together long range (5-year) plans for the Finance Committee and the Board of Aldermen to consider for project selection. The City Engineer takes the raw data from the Assistant City Engineer's inspections and prepares it to report on the long range forecast of what monies are needed to either maintain or improve the Sunset Hills Street Network.

Specific project selection takes place by assessing the prior year's PASER inspection data to determine what specific streets pavements are at the end of their service life and need rehabilitation or complete replacement.

The Project Selection Process