So, you found a lot that looks perfect for your business and you want to develop it, or you found an existing building that would do the trick. You ask yourself, "What zoning process will I have to go through to do to get my business going at this location?"

The first thing you need to know the zoning of the property. The city zoning map (PDF) is a full color map taken from the city's GIS system. It shows all of the city zoning districts. This is a PDF file that you can download and print out on any color printer to answer this question.

The next questions are:

 "Is what I want to do, generally allowed in this zoning district? Will the building I want, meet setback requirements for the lot?"

At this point, you might want to try to meet with the City Engineer, Bryson Baker. He can be reached at 314-849-3400 or you can email him. If, you are interested in trying to find out some preliminary answers regarding use and setback requirements under zoning, a copy of our "Table of Permitted Uses" and "Table of Height and Area Regulations" taken from the city's zoning code is available in appendix B of online City Code.

More questions can be answered by obtaining a complete copy of the zoning code. Zoning books are available at City Hall. For details on getting a copy, you can call Mike Knight at 314-849-3400 or email him.

Lastly, the Sunset Hills Economic Development Committee (formerly the Business Development Committee), with the help of city staff, put together an excellent publication listing general contact information (PDF) and zoning procedural flow charts (PDF).

All of these items and more can be found at our City Planning & Zoning page.