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The City of Sunset Hills Public Works Department, working with Crawford, Murphy, Tilley (CMT) Engineering assembled a bid package and is planning to replace three head walls located on Eddie & Park by Parkholm and Rott Rd. by Laumeier Sculpture Park.

The bid package is posted online and is scheduled for bid at 10:00am, April 4, 2018.  The online address for the bid package can be found at: https://mo-sunsethills.civicplus.com/DocumentCenter/View/4666


Above & Below
RV Wagner
Kozeny Wagner

Headwall Map
  • 5-3-18 - The Board of Aldermen approved the bid submitted by Above & Below toward the issuance of a contract for this work.
  • 5-4-18 - A Notice of Award was sent to Above & Below for this project.  Contracts were prepared.
  • 5-11-18 - The City is in receipt of Payment & Performance bonds for this project.  A date for the Pre-construction meeting to issue a Notice to Proceed is pending.
  • 5-17-18 - Representative with Ameren, the City, Laumeier Park, and CMT Engineers met on-site to discuss utility relocation work.  Ameren will be setting new poles for their overhead lines.  They plan to start late next week with excavation work and other preparation.  Motorists and expect flagmen controlling one-lane access of Rott Rd. in association with this work.
  • 5-22-18 - A Pre-Construction meeting took place at City Hall.  A Notice to Proceed will follow with an intended shutdown of traffic on Rott Rd. on June 4th for at least a month.  Notes taken at this meeting are posted here.
  • 5-23-18 - Ameren reports for tomorrow morning: Ameren crews will be on Rott Rd. Setting poles and transferring wires starting at 08:30. We will be using flaggers and taking one lane.
  • 5-24-18 - Ameren reports for tomorrow morning: Ameren crews will once again be on Rott Rd. Friday 5/25/18 setting poles and taking one lane using flaggers.
  • 5-25-18 - Ameren reported: Ameren Crews will be on Rott Rd. the morning of 5/29/18 with no lane restrictions. We will be planning overtime work at some point during the week to complete our work across Rott Rd. to the building at Sunset Plaza. After that work is complete we will be finished with our portion of the project.
  • 5-29-18 - Ameren's work is close to complete on this project.  They have more lines to relocated on a 4th pole.  
  • 5-30-18 - Representatives from the City, CMT, A&B, and MAW met on-site to cover utility relocation details with the water line.  It was learned that the road closure cannot start until Monday, June 11, 2018.  An alert of this was placed on all pages of the City website with a link to this page for updates.  All entrances to Laumeier Office Park and Laumeier Sculpture Park will remain accessible for the duration of this work.  The Rott Rd. closure is expected to be at least a month.
  • 5-31-18 - Ameren reports:  We will complete our work on Sunday June 10. If Charter is done with their transfers we can pull our poles that same day.
  • 6-11-18  - The shutdown and detour of Rott Rd. for the Headwall Project did not start this morning.  It was held up due to further coordination required with MoDOT.  That coordination was completed and Rott Rd. will be shut down tomorrow morning and the project will commence.
  • 6-12-18 - Rott Rd. is closed.  Above & Below (A&B) is on site and starting construction activity in the work zone.  A&B is hand digging to expose known utilities in the area.  This process is known in the construction trade as "potholing."  They are doing this before commencing with larger scale excavation work involved to replace the retaining walls and storm sewer piping.
  • 6-13-18 - Excavation work continues, storm sewer pipe has arrived on-site, and A&B hopes to transfer a sanitary force main over to a new pipe that will be out of the immediate area of the new head-wall.  A&B hoped to transfer over the sanitary force main to get it away from where the new retaining wall will be located.  MSD Maintenance had difficulty in finding the pump station for that main, so this transfer is planned for tomorrow morning.
  • 6-14-18 - A&B got the north manhRott Pipeole structure dug down to grade.  The force main relocation was completed this morning.  They also plan to set the new north manhole today.  New retaining wall block was received this morning as well as new storm sewer structures for this project.
  • 6-15-18 - A&B is having to remove rock from the bottom of the north structure in order to get the bottom of the new structure down to grade.  There is a steady stream of water coming from above too that required de-watering.  The plan today is to get the north structure set so material and be removed to run new pipe before commencing with old wall removal and placement of new retaining wall. 
  • 6-18-18 - A&B has the north structure set.  They removed rock for this on Friday until about 2pm.  Today the plan to de-water the upstream hole, dig out the pipe crossing below the road and set the new pipe.  The old wall still requires removal.  Rain is predicted in the area from Wednesday through the weekend.  A&B would love to have the new pipe in place before the rains come.
  • 6-19-18 - A&B continues with pipe installation in hopes of beating the forecast rains.  They continue to encounter bedrock with pipe installation.  They are about 1/2 way across the street moving toward the old rock wall as of 8am this morning.
  • 6-20-18 - A&B is on-site performing clean up work.  They might start removing some of the old wall in preparation for the new wall.  They have 2 more sections of pipe to set.
  • 6-21-18 - A&B is removing what's left of the old retaining wall today and starting to excavate for placement of the new retaining wall.  Ameren completed their power relocation work in the area.
  • 6-22-18 - A&B is on-site.  They are de-watering and hope to set the last sections of pipe and excavate to start setting wall sections. A&B was not able to set pipe or wall for the rock that was encountered.  The rains in the afternoon cause the water main  in the are to break.Block Wall
  • 6-25-18 - A&B is still working through bedrock removal close to where the pipe projects through the retaining wall structure.
  • 6-26-18 - A&B is set the last section of pipe and the bottom sections of the wall today.
  • 6-27-18 - A&B is excavating and setting wall block today.  
  • 6-28-18 - A&B is setting wall block today.  
  • 6-29-18 - A&B is setting wall block today.
  • 7-2-18 - A&B is setting wall block today.
  • 7-3-18 - A&B is setting wall block today.
  • 7-5-18 - A&B is close to finishing the block work on the east location of Root Rd.  They are starting to excavate out the western location for the 2nd Headwall on Rott Rd. close to the Laumeier Sculpture Park entrance.
  • 7-6-18 - It was determined that the reset pole by Ameren needed to go about another 5' east that the location where it was set.  We're not sure when Ameren can mobilize to correct this matter, but it will impede the progress of this wall installation.  A&B will be moving blocks and digging the west wall down to grade.  They say they can set some of the bottom block and new pipe for this Headwall even with the power pole conflict.  They are also water jetting the fill area of the East wall and placing wall cap blocks on this structure.
  • 7-9-18 - A&B is excavating on the west headwall of Rott today.  They hope to set a few blocks later today and prepare for the pipe collar concrete pour for this Wednesday.
  • 7-10-18 - A&B is setting block and preparing forms for pour around the pipe addition on the west headwall of Rott Rd. today.  A sanitary force main ruptured in the area of work today.  MSD has the force main shut down and A&B is getting pump truck out to start clean up work.
  • 7-11-18 - A&B is setting block and backfilling, they were set back in progress today because of a water main break at the intersection of Rott and Geyer. Mo-American water was on site making the repair.  
  • 7-12-18 - Fox 2 incorrectly reported that the contractor hit the force main to cause the rupture and sewage issue yesterday.  A&B knew of the force main and was working carefully around it.  Apparently some the soil gave way that supported the force main to cause the rupture.  Either way, the utility was repaired and clean up work is underway.
  • 7-12-18 - A&B is setting block and backfilling, Preparing forms to pour concrete on the west headwall of Rott today.
  • 7-13-18 - Concrete was poured over pipe and more block set today.
  • 7-16-18 - A&B is onsite setting block and backfilling on west headwall near Laumeier Park entrance.
  • 7-17-18 - A&B is onsite setting block and backfilling on west headwall near Laumeier Park entrance
  • 7-20-18 - A&B is saw cutting and tearing out asphalt street on Rott rd, preparing to put down new next week.
  • 7-30-18 - A&B is placing asphalt pavement on Rott Rd. today.
  • 7-31-18 - A&B are cleaning up the Rott Rd. area and mobilizing over to the Eddie & Park site.  That part of the project will be firing up in the next few days.  
  • 8-6-18 - Pavement markings for Rott Rd.  were noted as having been applied today.   A&B is not on-site.
  • 8-7-18 - A&B reports they will be on-site next week to get the Eddie & Park portion of this project completed. A&B is not on-site.
  • 8-8-18 - Rott Rd. will remain closed until a form-liner for the guardrail arrives.  Street closure of Rott looks like it will be extended for a couple of more weeks.  A&B is not on site.
  • 8-9-18 - A&B is not on site.
  • 8-10-18 - A&B reports, "We will be moving in on Eddie and Park on Monday August 13 and would like to be finished with both sites by Sept 7 at the latest. As of now the arrival date for the form liners is still August 17 (for the guardrail on Rott Rd.). As soon as those come in will have a separate crew working on setting those forms on Rott Rd. while Eddie and Park is under construction."
  • 8-13-18 - A&B delivered a small track-hoe to the Eddie & Park site and set Jersey barriers in the afternoon for traffic control.
  • 8-14-18 - A&B is clearing and grubbing and getting started on the Eddie & Park portion of the project in earnest today.
  • 8-15-18 - Rain today, A&B is not on-site.
  • 8-16-18 - The form-liners are in for the guardrails.  A&B has a crew doing layout work for them on Rott Rd.  There will be 4 different pours of each of the 2 guardrail locations with the form liner treatment on Rott Rd.  The first pour is anticipated for Monday, August 20th.  Between pours and required cure time, we are looking at about 2 weeks for the continued Road Closure of Rott.  The other crew involved with the headwall on Eddie & Park are not on-site today.
  • 8-20-18 - A&B is on-site at the Rott Rd. location placing forms.  With a design change required on the Eddie & Park location, design & cost details are being worked out to get this part of the project moving forward again.
  • 8-21-18 - A&B is on-site at the Rott Rd. location placing forms.
  • 8-22-18 - A&B is making their first pour today over one of the new headwalls. 
  • 8-23-18 - A&B is setting forms for the Rott Rd. Location 2 guardrail.  They placed sod on the excavated area 
  • 8-24-18 - Rain today.  A&B is not on-site.
  • 8-27-18 - A&B is pouring the walls of Location 2 on Rott Rd. today.
  • 8-28-18 - A&B is pouring the western transition of the guardrail at Rott Rd. Headwall location #2.
  • 8-29-18 - Rain today.
  • 8-30-18 - A&B is forming up the transition guardrail on the west side of Rott Rd. Location #2.  They are excavating the base area of Rott Rd. Location #1 for the sidewalk pour.
  • 8-31-18 - A&B is not on-site.
  • 9-4-18 - A&B is setting forms on the Rott Rd. Headwall location #1 by Laumeier Sculpture Park.
  • 9-5-18 - A&B is setting forms on the Rott Rd. Headwall location #1 by Laumeier Sculpture Park.
  • 9-6-18 - A&B is setting steel in preparation for pour of the base on the headwall by Laumeier Sculpture Park.
  • 9-7-18 - A&B continue to prepare for the base pour of the headwall by Laumeier Sculpture Park.
  • 9-10-18 - A&B poured the base below the guardrail on the the headwall by Laumeier Sculpture Park.
  • 9-11-18 - A&B is setting forms for the guardrail of the structure by Laumeier Sculpture Park.  They hope to pour this guardrail tomorrow afternoon pending good test results of the concrete poured yesterday. 
  • 9-12-18 - A&B Poured the guardrail on the Laumeier headwall today.  They are preparing to pour the footing for the transition on the west end of this structure this afternoon.
  • 9-13-18 - A&B poured the footing to the west transition of the Laumeier headwall yesterday.  They plan to pour the west transition guardrail this afternoon.
  • 9-14-18 - A&B is wrecking forms and cleaning up on the Rott Rd. site this afternoon.  There is still some asphalt work to complete.  They expect to have Root Rd. open next Wednesday, September 19, 2018.  There will be some installation of ornamental iron fencing on top of the guardrails next week on Rott Rd., but that will only require shutting down a lane during that work..  A&B anticipates working on the Eddie & Park headwall next week.
  • 9-17-18 - A&B is cleaning up and preparing Rott Rd. for opening on Wednesday.
  • 9-18-18 - Tramar is reworking some asphalt work by the headwalls on Rott.  A&B is cleaning up and preparing Rott Rd. for opening to traffic tomorrow morning.
  • 9-19-18 - Rott Rd. is open to traffic.  A&B is excavating on the Eddie & Park site this morning.  There is one lane flagged traffic in this area close to Parkholm.
  • 9-20-18 - A&B continues excavating on the Eddie & Park site this morning.  Both lanes are open to traffic in this area.
  • 9-21-18 - A&B continues excavating on the Eddie & Park site this morning.  Both lanes are open to traffic in this area.
  • 9-24-18 - A&B is preparing to pour the bottom of this structure this afternoon.Eddie & Park Culvert Extension
  • 9-25-18 - A&B is preparing forms for the walls of the walls of the culvert box extension. They hope to get these poured tomorrow and the top by the end of the week.  That would allow them to start excavating and placing the block of the new retaining wall system next week. 
  • 9-26-18 - A&B is pouring the walls of the culvert extension associated with the headwall on Eddie & Park.
  • 9-27-18 - A&B is pouring the top of the culvert extension on the Eddie & Park headwall today.
  • 9-28-18 - A&B is not on-site today.
  • 10-1-18 - A&B is not on-site today.
  • 10-2-18 - A&B is excavating in preparation to set wall block.  They have some wall block on site.
  • 10-3-18 - A&B is setting wall block today on Eddie & Park.
  • 10-4-18 - A&B is not on site.
  • 10-5-18 - A&B finished setting wall block on Eddie & Park today.
  • 10-8-18 - A&B is back filling with wall on Eddie & Park.
  • 10-9-18 - A&B completed back fill work and started setting forms for the sidewalk on top of the structure today.  Rain is forecast tomorrow.  It is likely not much will happen then.  Forms & rebar look to take a couple of days to set up.  With a break in the weather, Friday or Monday may be the first pours for the flat area of the structure.  With a couple of days cure and a reset of form work associated with the guardrail, we might be seeing guardrail pours by mid to late next week with cleanup work of the site falling in after that.
  • 10-10-18 - Rain in the morning.  A&B is not on site.
  • 10-11-18 - A&B is preparing the sub-grade and setting steel for the sidewalk over the new wall on Eddie & Park.  They plan to pour this area tomorrow.
  • 10-12-18 - A&B Poured the deck to the structure on Eddie & Park today.
  • 10-15-18 - A&B is preparing forms for the guardrail of the Eddie & Park structure.
  • 10-16-18 - A&B is pouring the guardrail for the Eddie & Park structure today.
  • 10-17-18 - A&B is wrecking forms and taking our sidewalk for the approaches to the Eddie & Park structure.
  • 10-18-18 - A&B is setting forms and plan to pour the sidewalk they will replace today.  More sidewalk will be replaced by the City in this area after A&B complete their clen-up work and mobilize off-site.  They hope to have their work complete by next Wednesday, October 24th.  The City is calling in for locates to mobilize immediately after A&B are off-site to replace most of the sidewalk between Maple Grove & Sky Crest.
  • 10-19-18 - A&B is cleaning up on the Eddie & Park site between rain drops today.  The City has marked out the sidewalk they plan to replace after A&B have mobilized off-site.
  • 10-22-18 - A&B has removed the Jersey barriers.  They are getting topsoil for seed & straw restoration of the site.  They should be complete with their clean up by the end of the day tomorrow.
  • 10-29-18 - Sunset Hills street department is removing damaged sidewalk on both sides of the headwall today.


  • 10-26-18 - This project should be complete, which includes the replacement of a head-wall on Eddie & Park by Sky Crest.  No road closure of Eddie & Park is expected, only lane closures with flagmen in the area.