Mentz Hill Acres Bridge Repair

The City of Sunset Hills had Crawford Murphy Tilley (CMT) Engineers design wing wall improvements to the upstream side of the bridge that services the Mentz Hill Acres subdivision.

The map to the right locates the project.  To date, plans and specifications have been prepared.  The City will be soliciting this project soon for bids from area contractors for this structural concrete related work.

Again, as will all project pages, this will follow the format of providing updates regarding project plan preparation, a PDF of the bid package, bidding tabulations, review/award information, and daily updates of progress as the project gets underway.


  • 3-15-19 - City Staff completed the preparation of the bid documents and solicited this project to known capable contractors in the St. Louis Area.  Plans & SpecificatiLoadingon can be found at:
  • 4-16-19 - A Pre-bid meeting was held today at 10:00am in the Public Works Conference Room.  The notes comprise Addendum 1 to this project and can be found at: /DocumentCenter/View/5322/Pre-Bid-Meeting-Notes
  • 4-18-19 - Bids were received with the following results:
Mentz Hill Acres Bridge
Bid OrderContractorBid
2RV Wagner$139,401.52

  • 4-23-19 - Bids will be presented to the Board of Aldermen on May 14, 2019 for their consideration
  • 5-14-19 - The Board of Aldermen approved Resolution 500 in support of contract award to Kozeny-Wagner, Inc.
  • 5-15-19 - A Notice of Award was sent to Kozeny Wagner, Inc. today for this project.
  • 7-24-19 - This project is about to start.  Kozeny Wagner expects to mobilize on-site on August 5th and complete the project (assuming good weather) by August 30th.
  • 8-5-19 - Kozeny Wagner is mobilizing on site and will be performing preparatory excavation work today.
  • 8-6-19 - Kozeny Wagner is setting up Jersey barriers after their sub contractor Tramar paved the one-lane bypass.
  • 8-7-19 - Kozeny Wagner is excavating the north side of the existing structure today.
  • 8-8-19 - Kozeny Wagner continues excavating the north side of the structure today.
  • 8-9-19 - Kozeny Wagner is excavating the south side of the structure today.  They advised of a leak in the water main and can work around it, but MAW is investigating and seeing what needs to occur to accommodate this timely bridge rehabilitation project.
  • 8-12-19 - Kozeny Wagner has both sides of the bridge structure excavated.  They are drilling holes to place I-Beam reinforcements on the south side of the structure as called out in the rehabilitation project.
  • 8-13-19 - Kozeny Wagner is not on-site today.  Here are some pictures taken today that will indicated the status of the project:
Northside excavated
South side with reinforcement I-Beams

  • 8-14-19 - Kozeny Wagner is working on attaching the I-Beams on the south wall.  De-watering the leaking MAW waterline is problematic.  All stakeholders will meet Friday to determine if a simple repair of this line is possible.
  • 8-15-19 - Kozeny Wagner is not on-site today.  A resolution to the water line leak is required to move forward.
  • 9-3-19 - Missouri American Water has come up with a plan to replace a substantial length of water pipe to serve the Mentz Hill Acres subdivision.  They plan to mobilize on-site tomorrow to start this work.  After it is complete, Kozeny-Wagner will be able to finish their work as originally designed. 
  • 9-4-19 - MAW is relocating the water main on this project today.
  • 9-5-19 - MAW is relocating the water main on this project today.
  • 9-6-19 - MAW is relocating the water main on this project today.
  • 9-9-19 - MAW is relocating the water main on this project today.
  • 9-10-19 - MAW is relocating the water main today.
  • 9-11-19 - MAW is not on-site today.
  • 9-12-19 - MAW is on-site today.  The expect the water line relocation work to take through the end of next week with thrust block pours, fitting installation, old tap & item removals.
  • 9-13-19 - MAW was not noted on-site today.
  • 9-16-19 - MAW is on-site working on the attachment of the new line.  They expect to be in the area until about mid next week before Kozeny-Wagner would be able to come back to finish their work on the bridge.
  • 9-17-19 - MAW was on-site today.
  • 9-18-19 - MAW was on-site today.
  • 9-19-19 - MAW was on-site today
  • 9-20-19 - MAW was not on-site today
  • 9-24-19 - MAW was not noted on-site today.  Contact was made with them and they responded that the waterline is in place, but testing will verify if they will complete at the end of this week.
  • 9-25-19 - MAW was on-site today
  • 9-26-19 - MAW was not on-site today.
  • 10-8-19 - Kozeny-Wagner reports they will be mobilized back on-site on Monday.  They anticipate completing their work by October 25th, assuming good weather. 
  • 10-17-19 - Kozeny-Wagner had branches cleared that would have presented problems with the placement of the pre-cast wing walls.  They report that it appears the wing walls will be set next Tuesday (10-22-19) and will advise of the time of this activity when it is known.
  • 10-22-19 - Kozeny Wagner reports they will be on-site today setting and attaching the wing walls to the bridge.  This will shut down Mentz Hill Acres to traffic starting at 9am.  The panels were set and are now in place to move this project forward.  A special thanks to the residents on Mentz Hill Acres and to Pete M. for his help in getting the word out to all his neighbors.
  • 10-23-19 - Kozeny Wagner is on-site back filling the bridge excavation.
  • 10-24-19 - Kozeny Wagner is continuing with back filling the bridge excavation.
  • 10-25-19 - Kozeny-Wagner is not on-site today.  Rains over the weekend are expected to jet in the back fill material placed in the bridge excavation areas. 
  • 10-28-19 - Kozeny Wagner will be removing the concrete Jersey barriers this morning.  Asphalt sub-contractor Tramar is on site and will be repaving the approaches to the rehabilitated bridge structure.  After the original alignment of the roadway is re-established, they will remove the temporary asphalt placed to make the temporary lane, used during construction. Asphalt curbing will be re-established by Tramar as it was before the start of this project.  Kozeny-Wagner will be back at a later date to place some rip-rap of the NE corner of the structure.  Completion of this project is in sight.
  • 10-29-19 - Tramar is on-site applying asphalt curb today.
  • 11-5-19 - Kozeny Wagner indicate they plan to be back on-site soon to complete their clean-up of this project.
  • 11-22-19 - Kozeny Wagner worked on clean-up items to the site today.
  • 11-25-19 - A final walk through occurred for the project and Kozeny-Wagner clean up the items pointed out by the City and designer.