2022 Salt Dome Wall Repair

Salt Dome Wall

The City of Sunset Hills will be repairing the retaining wall behind the Salt Dome behind the Public Works Garage. 
This page will update the public on the progress of this project.


  • 5-24-22 - City Staff are preparing bid documents for this project.
  • 5-26-22 - The project was advertised direct to local roofing contractors, at the Drexel Plan-room, Missouri Lawyers Media, and via the creation of this webpage.  The Bid Package and 1/8" to 1' Project Plans were placed on the City website.
  • 6-27-22 - No bids were received.  Staff prepared the documents, simplified the project and put the project out for bid again on 7-11-22.
  • 7-11-22 - Again, no bids were received.
  • 8-1-22 - Street Superintendent Jerry Eime put together a plan to build a new and complete wall to the exterior of the existing wall.
  •  8-4-22 - This plan was presented to the Public Works Committee for their consideration and was given the green light for construction.
  • 8-22-22 - Blocks (as ordered) started arriving on site for installation.
  • 9-6-22 - Construction activity by in-house forces began.
  • 9-12-22 - The Street Department is setting wall blocks.
  • 9-13-22 - The Street Department set more blocks and are almost topped out waiting for another tier before setting cap (top) blocks of the wall.
  • 9-14-22 - The Street Department are backfilling the structure with clean 1" rock.

Pictures of the Progress


  • 9-19-22 - Additional blocks were received and set today.  Backfill, cap work, gutters, paving work yet to come.  The bulk of the work associated with this project is complete.
  • 9-20-22 - Gutter drains were installed today.
  • 9-21-22 - Cap blocks arrived today.  The wall is also being backfilled with 1" clean rock.
  • 10-5-22 - The Street Department is placing top soil, seed & straw close to the wall.  A concrete top pour is anticipated for Monday (10-10-22).