West Watson (Gravois to Weber Hill)

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The City was awarded a grant through MoDOT to mill & overlay West Watson from Gravois to Weber Hill.  The project will include a mill & overlay to the asphalt pavement, a 10' wide asphalt trail through Bander Park, a lighted crosswalk crossing from Bander to the Stieren, a crosswalk at the entrance to Andre's Banquet Center, and a concrete sidewalk on the west side of the road from the Andre's  crosswalk to Weber Hill.

A public input meeting was held at City Hall on November 15, 2022 and was well received by the participants.   An information sheet about the project was available there.

A preliminary set of the plans dated 5-5-22 for this project in PDF file form is available.

A set of right of way plans dated 7-8-22 are also online.

The project is under a time table stipulated by MoDOT and will be out for bid in the Summer, with award and possible construction start in the Fall of 2023.

Once this project fires up, daily construction updates will be posted here to help keep the public informed on progress. 

The City was also successful in acquiring a grant for a similar project for West Watson from Weber Hill up to Robyn, but this project will follow a schedule of a couple of years in the future.

The West Watson (Gravois to Weber Hill) Project is under the design of: Horner Shifrin Opens in new window