Joint Seal of Concrete Streets

In an effort to keep water from going sub-surface and destroying the sub-base  of concrete streets, The City of Sunset Hills contracts out sections of the City to seal this pavement.   

In 2024, this work will be concentrated on Ward III pavement and include the streets of:

2024 Joint Seal List

A copy of the Bid Package can be found here:


  • 12-14-23 - City Staff are assembling the Bid Package for this project.
  • 12-19-23 - The Bid Package was completed and solicited to contractors, newspapers for advertisement, and plan-rooms for bid


  • 1-22-24 - With the icy roads in the St. Louis Area, this bid was postponed until 1-24-24 @11:00am.
  • 1-24-24 - Bids received for this work at 11:00am.  Staff will review results and make a recommendation.
Bid Order
Extended Amount
St. Louis Sealing & Striping
E Meier
Sweetens Sealing
4Parking Lot Maintenance$36,750.00
5Asphalt Services$38,502.24

  • 2-1-24 - Bids were presented to the Public Works Committee for consideration & recommendation to the Board of Aldermen.
  • 2-13-24 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to St. Louis Sealing & Striping.
  • 2-14-24 - Contracts were signed for this project.


  • 4-1-24 - The project should start.
  • 5-1-24 - The project completes.

Location Map

Concrete Streets by Ward