2023 Sunset Hills Campus Seal Project

Campus Seal

The City intends to have the area of the Campus Parking Lot that was repaired in 2019 sealed with a polymer sealer and the pavement markings repainted.  We hope this can be accomplished the week of the Community Center downtime of August 14th through the 18th, but we'll have to see if the successful bidder can mobilize that quickly.  Watch here for updates:


  • 7-25-23 - City Staff prepared and solicited the plans and specifications for this project.
  • 8-2-23 - Bids were opened with the following results:
Bid Order
Bid Total

E. Meier
$12,114.91 *
McConnell's of STL
Byrne & Jones
Asphalt Services, LLC

Math was verified as accurate to unit prices.
*    Work qualified in bid to be performed the week of August 21-26, 2023
Bid recommendation was made for consideration on August 8, 2023  by the Board of Aldermen.

  • 8-9-23 - The City sent a Notice of Award to McConnell & Associates for this project.
  • 8-14-23 - Seal of the main city hall parking lot commenced.
  • 8-15-23 - Striping of the main city hall parking lot was completed.
  • 8-16-23 - Seal of the remainder of the campus took place.
  • 8-18-23 - Striping of all but the rear staff car parking area was completed.
  • 8-21-23 - Contractor was advised of the need to complete the project to move toward billing out the project.