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1. What is a "right of way" and who owns it?
2. What is the policy in regards to dumping materials on roads?
3. What is the start time for construction, heavy equipment or blasting?
4. Where can I address a utility or service outage issue?
5. My neighbor is building too close to my property, what do I do?
6. Where is the right of way in front of my home?
7. Well if this right of way area is not mine, yet my yard goes to the curb, why should I cut the grass here if it is not technically my property?
8. What is the difference between a right of way and an easement?
9. Can easements ever go away?
10. Why would I ever want to grant an easement to someone to place something through or along my property?
11. I need to know where my property ends and the right of way starts. Who can do this?
12. What would such a survey cost me?
13. Where can I get names of surveying companies?
14. Who is responsible to maintain a driveway apron? This is located within a right of way.