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Claire Gempp-Davidson


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Claire Gempp Memorial Conservation Area

In conjunction with the Missouri Conservation Commission, the city also offers a nature park on Sappington Road, just south of Eddie and Park and Southview School. The Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Area is a 13.5 acre Natural Resource Area in the northeast area of the city. This park has a .5 mile trail system through a wooded setting. Students from Lindbergh High School use this Park for various class projects. The Clair Gempp Conservations Area is an excellent natural preserve that offers residents recreation and educational experiences. To schedule a hike please call the park office at 314-842-7265. We ask that visitors please refrain from eating/picnicking at this location to help preserve the area.

Trail Details & Amenities

0.9 miles in length on wood mulch
  • (ADA Soft-fall)
  • Butterfly gardens
  • Nature area
  • Prairie areas
  • Wetland

Conservation Commission

The Claire Gempp Davidson Memorial Conservation Commission has actively been working on the forest stand within the area. The commission has selected 2 sites which are completed at this time. The benefits of the Forest Stand Improvement are:
  • One way to dramatically improve the quality of habitat over time. By looking at the quality, number, and species of trees in a particular area, foresters can improve development of the habitat.
  • Taking out undesirable species of trees and invasive plants increases the sunlight, moisture, and space needed by desirable tree species to grow healthy.
  • Thinning out reduces competition for essential nutrients necessary for proper growth.
  • As time goes on, the forest produces an abundance of food and shelter for wildlife.
For more information on Forest Stand Improvement, please visit Missouri Department of Conservation website (PDF).