Street Striping

The City of Sunset Hills recently input a quantity take-off of all the street pavement markings into the GIS system.  This allowed City Staff to divide out 4 evenly match areas of street pavement markings to set up a cyclical pavement marking paint program.  The City formerly relied on the durability of hot poured thermoplastic pavement markings with new constructed street projects.  With pavement management activities designed to extend the life of these roads, the decision to move to a regular interval of pavement paint is now the focus.  This year, the highlighted streets in the map indicate what streets will be painted this year.  The plan is to solicit for contract help to place line markings with City forces falling in the arrows, stop bars and Crosswalks after lines are painted.

Again, as will all project pages, this will follow the format of providing updates regarding project plan preparation, a PDF of the bid package, bidding tabulations, review/award information, and daily updates of progress as the project gets underway.


  • 7-2-19 - City Staff prepared a bid package for this project.
  • 7-22-19 - Bids were received and are tabulated below.
2019 Pavement Markings
Bid OrderBidderLump Sum BidTraffic Control in Bid
1Traffic Control$15,000.00$1,600.00
2Tramar$16,400.88Not specified

  • 8-13-19 - The Board of Aldermen awarded this project to Traffic Control.
  • 10-9-19 - Traffic Control indicated they plan to be on-site one day next week.
  • 10-14-19 - Traffic Control will be on-site today.